Mens Messenger Leather Bags

Mens Messenger Bags

As a young professional entering the world of business, I quickly concluded, like many before me, that this is no place for a backpack. While trying to portray a qualified image a more dignified and mature document carrier is as essential as a nice pair of leather shoes. With the traditional briefcase seeming outdated and immobile, the solution in our eyes is The Messenger Bag. This receptacle is ideal for staying organized and keeping important documents safe, as well as durable in all weather conditions if made with the proper material: Leather of course!

Leather messenger bags have become extremely popular and trendy over the last few years due to their convenience, stability and durability. Messenger bags were first created in the 1950s by De Martini Globe Canvas Company, with the purpose to carry tools for linemen climbing utility poles. Since that time, these bags have evolved and have been implemented for use in much more than just the industrial world. Leather messenger bags have been rebirthed for the business sector, portraying a professional image while articulating luxury and creativity.

At Manchee Leather, we pride ourselves in the quality and uniqueness of our leathers. We operate in a way that ensures you are getting not only the best quality and functionality in your leather but also the best overall longevity and beauty. Our 100% Italian Leather is imported to ensure the luxurious quality of high-end leather is met. We supply our leather internationally to over 20 countries and inspect every inch of the leather before shipment.

Manchee Leather will be soon launching its new product “the ML Bags”; messenger bags that are specific to the needs of a professional business individual. The ML Bags will be available in a variety of leathers to warrant that each individual bag is specific and genuine to the customer. Each bag can be customized to one’s laptop dimensions, ranging from 13″ – 18″ in width. The highlighting features of the ML Bag are the experience, the craftsmanship of the bags, the detail, the luxurious leather touch and the quality that is offered.


Looking to upgrade your image, look the part with a Genuine Italian ML bag.


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