Manchee Leathers meet the highest standards for the industry. We also recognize the need for variety and choice. This collection represents some of the most popular colors and textures requested by the industry. However, custom colors are available in all of our qualities making your choice limitless.

Lavanda Mora Smokey Purple Lilla Ribes
Smokey Purple
PR-2188 Ciclamino PO-1537 Ciclamino Livido Viola Prugna
Ciclamino Ciclamino Livido  Viola Prugna
Carruba Cremisi PR-2220 Bouganville Amaranth PO-1535 Bouganville
Carruba Cremisi Bouganville  Amaranth Bouganville
Dark Iris
Dark Iris

This new collection of Italian aniline leathers has been developed in partnership with a leading tannery group in Arzignano – the Furniture Leather Capital of the World.

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