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Leresco Leather sister company that focuses directly on cleaning and maintaining of high quality leather furniture through to complete restoration of leather furniture without having to reupholster. By recognizing the need to maintaining leather furniture, it enabled us to bring  to the market a previously unrecognized service that has tremendous benefits to the user

Cleaning and Maintaining leather can be a massive cost reduction and offers the same benefits as a new piece of furniture, our dye is permanently bonded to the leather itself and is unable to rub off or crack

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We offer the finest restoration in leather product in the Greater Toronto Area +

+ Able to match all leather colour variations +

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Proper Maintenance will +

1) Extend the life of furniture

2) Avoid or delay the reupholstery of leather

3) Avoid or delay the replacement of leather furniture

+ Leather Protection +

To learn more about our services, please call:

905 888.8802

Or reach out to us by email at: sales@lerescoleather.com