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Ink – Caimen Croc

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Caiman Croc is a pure aline embossed vegetable tanned leather with a beautiful glossy finish and elegant to the touch. Caiman Croc is a high-traffic leather can scratch on some occasions.

Leather is only a sample, not a full-hide. For Full Hides, please contact us.

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Pattern name Caimen Croc (CC)
Leather Type Embossed Patent
Hide size Average 25 – 28 sq.ft.
Average Thickness 1.2/1.4 mm – 2-1/2-3 oz.
Finish Patent Finish
Light Fastness -72hr/93’C 72 Hrs/93’C
Crocking ASTM D 5053
Abrasion ASTM D 3884
Tearing Strength ASTM D 4705
Breaking Force ASTM 2208
Elongation ASTM D 2211
California Technical Bulletin 117 Class 1
Weight 10 g
Dimensions 4 x 6 in